About David Lash Wildlife Artist

Powerfully drawn to wilderness since childhood, David’s career as a wildlife artist has centered around this passion. In his experience, the wild is not something or some place outside of us, but a vital core of our being. His environmentalism, though often practical and politically based, stems from a deep emotional connection that is inseparable from himself. David’s mastery of his craft is evident; his paintings are highly detailed and expertly executed, exuding both intensity and delicacy. His work is exclusively based on the dynamic Southwest terrains and its precious and precarious life. Although David admires the animals and landscapes that are his subjects, he holds no naive nostalgia for his beloved places. The beauty of the wilderness, as represented in his works, is in its unpredictable, mercurial, unharnessed nature which has the power to remind us of these forces within our own psyche. Our rhythms become apparent when we are in touch with the natural world, in its fertile creativity and ultimate compassion, and in its decay, death, and indifference. David’s paintings express such fundamental experiences through color, representations of seasons, time, and space. David spends most of his time outside, enjoying his environment by kayaking, cycling, fishing, backpacking. He has lived in the Southwest for over 40 years and was educated in the fine arts at the University of Arizona. He currently lives in Flagstaff Arizona with his wife and three daughters.

David’s artworks are usually done using acrylic on masonite—a special board prepped especially for his unique and expressive style. However, David sometimes uses oils, airbrush, canvas, and gold-leaf to get the desired look. David has over 35 years of painting experience, beginning with his study of fine art at the University of Arizona.