Wildlife Painting: Influences

The works of Robert Bateman, Andrew Wyeth, Nick Wilson and Curt Walters are among the artists that have most inspired and influenced my work through the years. Robert Bateman’s compositions have elevated wildlife painting to a fine art. I will never forget the moment when I first saw a Robert Bateman. I was working and showing in a Sedona gallery and the owner had purchased a latest issue of American Art which featured Bateman. I was renewed in my own vision by the skill of this master painter.

Other inspirations include Andrew Wyeth for doing more with less and the ability to evoke an emotion, Curt Walters for not simply painting the Canyon but capturing its expansive wildness, and Nick Wilson for his palette of texture.

There are many influences in our lives. For me, I count my wife, Deb, as the single most important. She is not only my sun shine, but also my warmth.

My activities away from my studio, though they may not seem relevant, have had a major influence on my art. I’ve competed as a marathon runner, road cyclist, and mountain biker. Through these sometimes extreme physical efforts, I’ve received some insight into wildness. White water kayaking and backpacking bring an awareness of the power as well as the sweet music of nature.

Let there be drums! Rhythm and music are avenues for exploration, for all of nature is about rhythm. I’ve played drums since my early childhood and to this day find in this instrument yet another way of expressing myself.

I do believe that all of us are artists we simply use different tools to express ourselves. Art is a game and I wish for everyone the joy of creating, exploring, learning, growing and playing with the artist you are.